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Vol. 15, No. 1 (Spring 2011)

  • Tim Grundmeier, “Acculturation in the First Generation of Norwegian-American Pastors’ Wives: The Divergent Experiences of Elisabeth Koren and Caja Munch,” 1-6
  • Rebecca DaGarmeaux, “From the Museum,” (Promotion of Ottesen Museum’s new Bethany Ladies College artifacts), 6
  • “My Little Missionary,” (Biography of Lois Gail with inclusion of her parents, Paul Anderson and Emily Gruebel, from an interview of Paul Anderson by James P. Olsen), 7-9
  • Herman Harstad, “The Old Muskego Lutheran Church,” 10-11
  • Notice of Contacts for Next Meeting, 11

Vol. 15, No. 2 (Summer 2011)

  • Herman and Cheryl Harstad, “ELS Historical Society - Fifteenth Annual Meeting Summary of Program - Theme: From Flappers to Facebook A Century of Christian Education at Bethany College (1911-2011),” 1-3
  • “Student Life at Bethany,” 1
  • “The Bethany Attraction – Admission and Athletics,” 2
  • “The Bethany Attraction – The Fine Arts,” 3
  • “Telling the Next Generation,” (Picture of Dr. Ryan C. MacPherson, one of the editors of the Christian education book, as he introduces Abigail Bourman, one of the student interns who worked on the book), 3
  • Notice of “Sunday Evening Entertainment at Ottesen Museum, June 19, 2011,” 3
  • Stephan Sielaff, “Melvina Aaberg,” interview, 4-5
  • “Bethany Ladies College Display at the Ottesen Museum,” 5
  • Chaplain Don Molstad, “Eternally on My Guard,” 6-7
  • “34th Regular Convention, Norwegian Synod, Synodical Conference, Mankato, Minnesota, June 13, 1951,” 7
  • Betsy Hermanson, “Norman E. Borlaug 1914 – 2009,” 8-11
  • Herman Harstad, “New Anthology Published,” (Introduction of the new anthology, “Telling the Next Generation: The Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s Vision for Christian Education, 1918 – 2011 and Beyond” edited by Ryan C. MacPherson, Paul G. Madsen, and Peter M. Anthony), 11

Vol. 15, No. 3 (Fall 2011)

  • [“In Memory of Melvina Aaberg,” (with quotations from J.A. Molstad and G.R. Schmeling), 1
  • From the Bethany Lutheran College Website, “Bethany Names Building in Honor of Former Board Chair,” (Milton E. Tweit), 2
  • Norman Teigen, “Milton E. Tweit: The Concordia – St. Paul years 1924- 1930,” 2-4
  • Mark O. Harstad, “Koren Family Visits Bethany,” 4-5
  • Interview by Annie Williams, “Norman and Violet Holte,” 6-7
  • Erling T. Teigen, “S.C. Ylvisaker – 1950 Synodical Conference Address,” 8-10
  • Peter Faugstad, “Scarville Lutheran School – A Short History,” 10
  • “The Scarville School,” (influential essay on the Scarville School describing the purpose and the sanctity of its purpose while also including a block quotation from J.A. Petersen), 10-11
  • Weblink to the “Scarville Lutheran School Students 1927,” 11

Vol. 15, No. 4 (Winter 2012)

  • Dan Bruss, Marvin Meyer, Peter T. Harstad, and Carolyn Schneider Harstad, "In Memory of Norman S. Holte, 1918-2011," 1-2, 11
  • Becky DeGarmeaux, "Bethany's Old Main Cornerstone," (includes time capsule contents), 3-6
  • Julia Lee, "The Seminary Gets a Load of Wood, 6-7
  • Mathilde Berg Grevstad, trans. by Agnes Grevstade Lee, Excerpt from An Account of Covered Wagon Days, 7-8
  • Craig Ferkenstad, "150th Anniversary of Luther College," 8
  • Philip Kaminsky, "Oral History: Christopher Faye," 9-11
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