Let’s Look at Our Synod

Written by Julian G. Anderson

Published by the Lutheran Synod Book Company (Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

This little booklet was published at the request of the Golden Jubilee Committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod for its 50th anniversary in 1968. One of the goals for the committee was to give every member of the synod a better knowledge and understanding of what the synod is and the work it does. They wanted every member of the synod to be a well-informed member.

In keeping with this purpose the Golden Jubilee Committee authorized the publication of two little booklets. The first, entitled Our Great Heritage, is a popular little history of our Evangelical Lutheran Synod, so that all of our members might know something of our historical background. This little booklet, Let’s Look At Our Synod, sets forth in a simple way the work we have done, and are doing, as a synod.

This volume was originally published by the anniversary committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in Mankato, Minnesota in 1968. This electronic edition is part of a series of histories re-published in preparation for the 100th anniversary in 2018 of the reorganization of the Norwegian Synod.

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