Store Per:

Norwegian-American “Paul Bunyan” of the Prairie

Written by Peter Tjernagel Harstad / Illustrated by Karyn Lukasek / Published in cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod Historical Society

A 2012 recipient of the Award of Commendation from Concordia Historical Society!


Store Per

From the Prologue:

Every American schoolchild knows tales of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox—myths that emerged from the lumber camps of the Upper Midwest.

In contrast, few people know about Store Per, a flesh and blood storngman who grew up in Norway, and then left for America with little more than his bride, his Bible, and his violin. ... Was he just another frontiersman, or, in the language of his native land, enestaende, unique and in a class by himself? The pages that follow challenge the reader to decide.



“I have read it with great interest. . . . Congratulations on a work well done.”

Dr. Odd S. Lovoll, Historian of the Norwegian Migration to America and Professor Emeritus of History, St. Olaf College


“Author Peter Harstad has certainly dealt with the subject in a delightful way and makes Store Per [“Strong Pete”] come alive for the readers. . . . Store Per makes a wonderful contribution to the story of our forefathers and their brave journey across the stormy Atlantic to make their home in [America]. The Lord made use of them to bring the pure Gospel to our area so that we might also benefit from the message of salvation by Grace Alone through Faith alone in our Savior Jesus Christ.”

Rev. George M. Orvick, Past President, Evangelical Lutheran Synod


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